About Us

Our shop is a diamond in the rough,
and each member of our team is a true gem!

We are a family owned and operated fine jewelry store located on Philadelphia’s historic Jeweler’s Row since 1954. We strive to provide an unparalleled level of hands-on and relaxed assistance in helping our customers select, design, or redesign the perfect piece of jewelry. We specialize in custom designed pieces, estate jewelry, and fine jewelry of all kinds. Perhaps you are looking for a unique piece that catches your eye – perhaps you have inherited an heirloom that you would like to repurpose into something that fits your style – or perhaps you need help selecting the perfect piece for any purpose or special occasion. You have found the right place at Harry Merrill & Son, and we welcome you to stop by any time to browse, collaborate on design ideas, or take advantage of our expertise. We look forward to working with you!



I am the daughter of Harry Merrill, making me the second generation of the HMS family. I have been evolving along with Harry Merrill & Son since my father, my brother Steve, and I opened the business in 1954. Today I am happy to be able to offer more than 63 years of experience and a knack for identifying, purchasing, and designing unique jewelry and estate pieces for the store. I work alongside my husband Stanley and my son Robert to bring a family-style approach to the business. I feel that in this  atmosphere customers look forward to return visits to commemorate milestones in their lives and celebrate special occasions with us.


I am the grandson of Harry Merrill and I represent the third generation of the Merrill family. I really enjoy all aspects of the business, but I particularly enjoy working with custom design and estate jewelry. I really love getting to know our customers and helping them commemorate special occasions in their lives. I enjoy helping customers by facilitating the transition from stressed and overwhelmed to informed and relaxed. Helping people repurpose or repair their sentimental jewelry into pieces they will truly enjoy is one of my favorite aspects of our business. I always strive to help Harry Merrill & Son’s internet presence grew as well as striving to maintain and grow our brick-and- mortar store. I carry on the work and tradition of my grandfather, my uncle, and my mother. I presently work together with my work family to keep Harry Merrill & Son forward thinking, while maintaining a strong tie to our roots and the fundamentals of hands-on customer service.

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Once I entered the art world of jewelry I knew I had found my passion. I was completely floored by the craft and history of gemology, metalsmithing, and art form of jewelry design. I am currently at Tyler School of Art and majoring in Metals, Jewelry, and Computer Aided Design and learning jewelry fabrication on Jeweler’s Row from one of our artisans. Being able to translate stories and personalities into a unique piece that truly speaks to the wearer is the most important way to respect the craft of jewelry design while still ensuring individualized and dedicated customer service. I pay close attention to detail and am always looking for new ways to alter the art form of jewelry. I am guilty of mixing the old with the new and am an encourager of mixing estate pieces with new custom design jewelry. I am also a fan of BYOS (Bring your own stones), pulling stones from underused jewelry, then redesigning and transforming them into sentimental pieces that enhance the wearer’s everyday look while reflecting their personal style. Come design something different with me, I look forward to meeting you.


As children, most people admire firefighters, police officers, doctors, or lawyers. As a child, I admired gemologists and jewelry designers. When I was fourteen, I had a unique opportunity to work for a jeweler on the historical Jewelers’ Row in Philadelphia. I began working for Harry Merrill & Son Jewelers as a runner – going to our various jewelry artisans to have jewelry designed, repaired, polished, and engraved.  Additionally, I polished my own knack for selecting stones at our lapidary and diamond cutter. Throughout my eight years in the Jewelry industry, I have gained tremendous experience and knowledge about the business, as well as insight into myself.  I really enjoy working with our customers, educating them about precious metals and gemstones, appraising the finished jewelry, working with our vendor partners on styled photo shoots, and growing our social media!

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